Category: Bread & Bun

Beetroot bread topped with poppy seeds..

This texture of this bread is very soft and light . Grated beetroot is added. Beetroot puree (without water ) can be added instead  of grated beetroot .

Spinach bread mildly spiced with red chilli flakes and topped with roasted sesame seeds..

This bread is soft and mildly spicy . Green chilli paste can be added instead of red chilli flakes .

Sandwich bread… (eggless & dairy-free)

This sandwich bread has perfect crumb and texture .It is soft and light .
Also it is eggless and dairy - free ..

Soft buns with coconut ,salted cashew nut ,and raisin filling and topped with poppy seeds and honey glaze

These soft buns are filled with coconut ,salted cashew nut and raisins. Honey glazed for extra sweetness ..

Pav buns..(Tanghzong method and eggless )

These buns are extremely soft and it melts in the mouth . I used fresh cream instead of butter , Tanghzong method is followed . It gives a good rise and makes the buns more lighter .

Cheesy garlic knot bread /pizza

This cheesy bread is flavoured with garlic, red chilli flakes and thyme . I used cottagecheese ,mushroom,olives ,capcicum ,onion and mozzarella cheese for the topping .

Cranberry swirl bun mildly flavoured with fresh ginger

These colourful swirl buns are soft and mildly sweet . Fresh ginger is added for extra flavor.

Soft & mildly sweet milk bread

This bread is incredibly soft and airy .I followed tanghzong method . Fresh cream is used instead of butter . Hence the colour of the bread is beautiful cottony white ...

Honeycomb bun with cream cheese filling ,topped with roasted sesame seeds and ginger honey glaze

This is a popular Arabic bread shaped into buns filled with cream cheese. Traditionally these buns are very sweet . This is my version of mildly sweet honeycomb buns. They are superbly light and soft , cream cheese blends wonderfully well ,roasted sesame seeds gives a beautiful flavor and crunch and ginger flavoured honey gives an awesome glaze to this flavour packed buns..

Pull apart bread flavoured with lemon zest , garlic , red chilli flakes & thyme..

This bread is very soft and light . Lemon zest and thyme gives a beautiful flavor.
Garlic and red chilli flakes add some spice to this golden bread..

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