About Me

I love colors and flavors. Baking is one of my passion. Predominantly the only thing i enjoy doing besides prayer. I lost my father at 13 and I came closer to God at the age of 15. I drenched myself in the Bible and I fell in love with God’s creations. Colors and abstract paintings gave me inner joy and happiness. My mother introduced me into world of baking by enrolling me in a basic baking class just before my marriage. I learnt basic techniques and learnt to bake without creating much mess or clutter. When I turned 19, I entered into the magical world of baking. I started collecting recipes from my relatives, friends and neighbours. I tried new flavors.  After marriage we moved to Chennai and we started to build our nest. Biju has always been  proud of my bakes and  he gifted me a round oven and a Phillips hand mixer. I changed my oven couple of times but i still use the very same hand mixer. Our daughter was born and I became a nocturnal baker. My recipes were my possession and  I was reluctant to share . The idea of starting a business did flash through my mind but I feared that I may lose my creativity and inner joy while catering to the needs of the client. As time flew, it dawned upon me that there is practically nothing that I can gain by holding back the recipes and  I decided to share them. The more I  shared, God filled me with new flavors and my closeness and dependence on God grew stronger. I sincerely wish and pray that this website will be a blessing to many.. Giving God all the Glory.

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